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Feed Me Oil
Feed Me Oil logo.png
Feed Me Oil logo
Developer(s) HolyWaterGames
Publisher(s) Chillingo Ltd.
Electronic Arts (Windows Phone)
Distributor(s) iOS
Google Play
Windows Phone
Windows Phone Store
Engine cocos2d framework
Platform(s) iOS
Windows Phone
Windows 8
PlayStation Mobile
PlayStation Vita
Release date(s) iOS[1]
  • WW June 2, 2011
  • WW July 3, 2012
Windows Phone[1]
  • WW April 30, 2012
PlayStation Mobile
  • WW June 26, 2013
Genre(s) Puzzle
Mode(s) Single-player
Distribution Download

Feed Me Oil is a physics-based puzzle game developed by HolyWaterGames for iOS, Android, and Windows Phone devices. The game was released on the iTunes App Store in June 2011 and Google Play in July 2012, by publisher Chillingo Ltd.[1][2][3] The Windows Phone version of the game was published by Electronic Arts and released on the Windows Phone Store in April 2012.[1][4] The game was featured as the iPhone Game of the Week, as well as the number-one paid app in the United States and other countries.[2]


The objective in the game is to fill the creature's mouth with oil (hence the game name). As the player progresses through the game by completing levels, subsequent levels become more complex. The amount of oil varies between level to level, and occasionally there are multiple creatures to feed oil to. Additionally, there may also be a certain color or type of oil that the creature wants. Players will be provided objects to use in order to guide the oil into the creature's mouth. Some of these provided objects include: solid bars, fans, oil filters, and tornados. Each of these objects perform a different task; for example, the fan will "push" the oil in the direction that it is blowing. There are also special objects in some levels, such as buttons, which may activate another pathway or lift an obstacle in order to be able to complete the level. The less objects that the player uses to complete the level, the more points the player will be awarded. The amount of time it takes to complete the level is also a factor when calculating the score.

Additional level packs included with updates to the game introduced new special objects and mechanics, such as anti-gravity and oil-mixing.[5]


The game is a free download for Android users;[3] however, it is priced at $0.99 USD for iOS[2] and Windows Phone[4] users.

Version history[edit]

The game has received numerous updates, including new level packs and minor bug fixes.


  • Version 1.0.1 (13 June 2011)[5]
    • Minor bug fixes.
  • Version 1.1 (19 July 2011)[5]
    • Added "The Rainbow" level pack (15 levels).
    • New oil mixing mechanic.
  • Version 1.2 (22 September 2011)[5]
    • Added "Upside Down" level pack (15 levels).
    • New gravity flipping element.
  • Version 1.2.1 (27 September 2011)[5]
    • Fixes the anti-gravity score recording issue introduced in the 1.2 update.


  • Version 1.0.2 (13 March 2013)
    • Fixed crash bug affecting the Fan element on some devices
    • Fixed an audio issue on Kindle Fire

Windows Phone[edit]

  • Version (18 October 2012)


The game has received positive reviews from critics. According to review aggregating website Metacritic, the iOS version of the game has received an average review score of 86 out of 100, based on 17 reviews.[6]

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