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Solidarity, Liberal Party of Greenland
Atassut, Nunatsinni Liberaliusumik Partii
Leader Knud Kristiansen
Founded 1976
Headquarters Nuuk, Sermersooq, Greenland
Ideology Liberal conservatism[1][2][3]
Market liberalism
Nordic agrarianism
Greenlandic unionism
Political position Centre-right
International affiliation None
European affiliation None
Nordic affiliation None
Colours Blue
2 / 31
(Greenland seats)
0 / 2
Politics of Greenland
Political parties

Solidarity (Atássut, also translated as "Feeling of Community") is a liberal conservative[1] political party in Greenland and a partner of the Danish Venstre party. At the 2005 legislative elections, the party won 19.1% of the popular vote and six out of 31 seats. In the June 2009 snap election the party dropped to 10.9% of the vote, and lost 3 of its 6 seats. In the 2013 elections the party was reduced to two seats. in the 2014 elections the party maintained its two seats.

Formerly the most pro-Danish among Greenland's parties,[4] Atássut has shifted to supporting home rule and increased autonomy, but without leaving the Kingdom of Denmark.[5] From a traditional right-wing position it has in some respect moved to the left, now supporting the subsidisation of primary-sector business, just like the social-democratic Siumut party.[4]

From the 2013 parliamentary election to the 2014 elections Atassut was a part of a coalition government, led by Siumut and also including the Inuit Party.


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