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Fehmi Naji El-Imam AM (Arabic: فهمي ناجي الإمام‎) (born 1928) was the Grand Mufti of Australia from 2007 to 2011. Born in Lebanon, he arrived in Australia in 1951. He was elected to succeed Taj El-Din Hilaly on 10 June 2007,[1] but by January 2011 Hilaly declared that Naji was no longer active, and that de facto he was functioning as mufti.[2] He was succeeded in September 2011 by Dr Ibrahim abu Mohamed.[3]

Naji has questioned Osama bin Laden's responsibility for the September 11 attacks.[4] He is currently the Head Imam of Preston Mosque in Melbourne and secretary of the Victorian Board of Imams.[4]


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Islamic titles
Preceded by
Taj El-Din Hilaly
Grand Mufti of Australia
2007 to 2011
Succeeded by
Ibrahim abu Mohamed