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Felice Arena
Born Kyabram, Victoria
Occupation Novelist, Children's Writer, Illustrator, Actor
Genre Children

Felice Arena is an Australian children's author and illustrator, and occasional actor. He is best known for the bestselling and award-winning Specky Magee series, the Farticus Maximus and Stick Dudes books, Whippersnapper, and his latest action-packed bionic-themed series, Andy Roid. In October 2013 he received the "Kids Own Australian Literature Awards (KOALA) Legend award".[citation needed]


Arena was born in Kyabram, Victoria and attended La Trobe University, in Bendigo, Victoria. He graduated as a primary (elementary) school teacher but decided to pursue writing.[1]

Aside from being an author, Arena is also an actor. He played the role of Marco Alessi in the Australian soap opera Neighbours for a year. He also starred in London West End musicals including "Hair", "Godspell" and "What a Feeling".


  • Dolphin Boy Blue (1996)
  • Mission Buffalo (1997)
  • Wish (1999) New edition (2005)
  • Bravo Billy (2000)
  • Breakaway John (2001)
  • "Farticus Maximus #1 Other Stories that Stink!" Australia (2008) UK (April 2010) Canada (Sept 2011)
  • "Stick Dudes #1 Water Fight Frenzy" (2009)
  • "Farticus Maximus # 2 Stink-Off Battle of the Century" Australia (2009) UK (April 2011) Canada (January 2012)
  • "Stick Dudes #2 Champions of the World" (July 2010)
  • "Stick Dudes #3 The Secret Four-ce" (July 2010)
  • "Farticus Maximus # 3 Bottomus Burps of Britannia" (Oct. 2010)
  • "Whippersnapper" (August 2011)
  • "Andy Roid and the Super Human Secret (April 2012)
  • "Andy Roid and the Field Trip of Terror (April 2012)
  • "Andy Roid and the Camp Howl Crusaders (July 2012)
  • "Andy Roid and the Heroes of the Night" (July 2012)
  • "Andy Roid and the Turbine Runaways" (Oct 2012)
  • "Andy Roid and the Sinister Showdown" (Oct 2012)
  • "Andy Roid and the Unexpected Mission" (Aug 2013)
  • "Andy Roid and the Tracks of Death" (Aug 2013)
  • "Andy Roid and the Missing Agent" (Sept 2013)
  • "Andy Roid and the Avalanche of Evil" (Sept 2013)

Picture Books[edit]

  • Sally and Dave, A Slug Story Australia (2007) US (2008)
  • "Hey, Cat!" June 2008

Book Series[edit]

Specky Magee (2002)
Specky Magee & the great footy contest! (2003)
Specky Magee and the Season of Champions (2004)
Specky Magee and the Boots of Glory (2005)
Specky Magee and a Legend in the Making (2006)
Specky Magee and the Spirit of the Game (2007)
Specky Magee and the Battle of the Young Gun (2009)
Specky Magee and the best of oz (2011)

Specky Magee[edit]

The Specky Magee series, published by Penguin, chronicle the life and times of teenager Simon Magee, an Australian Rules football champion in the making.

The series, written by Arena and his former school-mate and Melbourne Football Club star,[2] Garry Lyon, have also been short-listed for numerous Australian Children Choice awards—including three time winner of the Young Australian Best Book Award.

There are eight books in the series.


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