Felicia Malipiero

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Donna Felicia Malipiero, was the Dogaressa of Venice by marriage to the Doge Pietro I Orseolo (r. 976-978) and mother of doge Pietro II Orseolo.

Donna Felicia Malipiero is described as very religious and strict, and spent her time in pious duties. Alongside her spouse, she founded a hospital for pilgrims to the memory of doge Pietro Tradonico: while her spouse spent his time praying before the altar of the hospital, she devoted her time caring for the sick and menial chores. When her spouse abdicated and joined a convent in France, she joined the convent of San Zaccaria. In her convent, she continued being the adviser of her ruling sons, advising them always to protect the power of the church.


Preceded by
Waldrada of Tuscany
Dogaressa of Venice
Marina Candiano