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This name uses Spanish naming customs: the first or paternal family name is Pedrell and the second or maternal family name is Sabaté.
Felip Pedrell
Felipe Pedrell 01.jpg
Felip Pedrell
Born (1841-02-19)19 February 1841
Died 19 August 1922(1922-08-19) (aged 81)

Felip Pedrell (Spanish: Felipe)(19 February 1841, Tortosa – 19 August 1922, Barcelona), was a Spanish Catalan composer. He worked as a musicologist and early music specialist and edited Victoria’s opera omnia and the requiem of Joan Brudieu. This and other of his writings fostered a keen interest in the early music of Spain. Among his notable pupils was composer Rosa García Ascot. See: List of music students by teacher: N to S#Felip Pedrell.

Roberto Gerhard set eight Pedrell-derived folk tunes as Cancionero de Pedrell, and in 1939 Manuel de Falla gave the title "Pedrelliana" to the last of his four Homenajes ("homages").



  • L'ultimo abenzeraggio - in Italian (Spanish title El último abencerraje) 1874


  • Orientales - 12 songs on texts by Victor Hugo, for soprano and piano. 1876[1]
  • Siete canciones arabescas


  1. ^ Manuel de Falla y la Alhambra Francisco Baena, Yvan Nommick - 2005 "El interés por el tema oriental se manifiesta también entre compositores catalanes. En 1876 Felipe Pedrell compone en tres días, sobre textos de Víctor Hugo, sus Orientales. "Con las Orientales pude fundar, con cierta solidez, la presunción ..."