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This article is about people named "Felix". For other uses, see Felix (disambiguation).
Pronunciation /ˈflɪks/
Gender Male
Word/name Latin
Meaning "lucky" or "successful"
Other names
Related names Felicity, Felicia

Felix is a male given name and surname, stems from Latin (felix, felicis) and means "lucky", "favored by luck" or "the lucky one". Its female form is Felicity (English), Felicitas or Felizitas (in German speaking regions).

In German, Dutch, Czech, Slovenian, Romanian and Scandinavian languages the form "Felix" is the same as English. In French, Hungarian, Portuguese and Spanish it is written with an acute, "Félix", whereas in Catalan it is written with a grave, "Fèlix". The Italian form of the name is "Felice," in Polish and Croatian "Feliks".

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