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Felsted Records was the name of two record labels. The UK version began as a subsidiary of Decca Records in July 1954, with music mainly in the jazz and dance band genres and recordings leased from the French Blue Star, Riviera and Classique labels. The label took its name from the village where Sir Edward Lewis, the head of UK Decca, lived. The British label's only release of note was "Smokie", the first single by Bill Black's Combo, Black having been Elvis Presley's bassist, licenced from Hi Records.

Late in 1957, Felsted Records US opened operating from London Records' office in New York and was marketed as a pop label. Releases included Kathy Linden's "Billy" and "Goodbye Jimmy Goodbye", Kokomo's 1961 instrumental "Asia Minor"[1] (on London in the UK) and the Flares' 1961 release "Foot Stompin' Part 1", which hit #20 on the Black Singles chart and #25 on the Billboard Hot 100.[2]

In 1958 Felsted was reinstated in the UK leasing US material contracted through its US office. Neither label had much commercial success; the UK label was closed in 1964 and its roster transferred to London Records.

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