Feltus Mound Site

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Feltus Mound Site
22 JE 500
Feltus Mound Site22 JE 500 is located in Mississippi
Feltus Mound Site22 JE 500
Feltus Mound Site
22 JE 500
Location in Mississippi today
Coordinates 31°44′47.62″N 91°15′37.08″W / 31.7465611°N 91.2603000°W / 31.7465611; -91.2603000
Country  USA
Region Jefferson County, Mississippi
Nearest town Fayette, Mississippi
Culture Coles Creek culture
First occupied 700 CE
Abandoned 1000 CE

Feltus Mound Site (22 JE 500), also known as the Ferguson Mounds and the Truly Mounds[1] is an archaeological site located in Jefferson County, Mississippi 24 kilometres (15 mi) north of Natchez, Mississippi. The site is an Early Coles Creek (700 to 1000 CE) group of four platform mounds clustered around a central plaza, although one of the four mounds has been leveled.[2]

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