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The term female-led relationship ("FLR"), or female-centered relationship ("FCR") refers to a model dynamic for a romantic heterosexual relationship in which both partners agree that the woman, (whether she is regarded as wife, girlfriend, significant other or life partner), will act as the leader, principle partner and ultimate authority of the relationship, while the man will obey, comply with and fulfill her as she desires and sees fit. If the participants are married, the arrangement may be termed a female-led marriage (FLM) or wife-led marriage (WLM).

Female supremacy[edit]

"Female Supremacy" is the broad philosophical belief system where by the virtue of anything being female or feminine is an automatic designation of female gender superiority. Technically, "Woman Supremacy" is a subset of Female Supremacy. Therefore the female supremacist would regard the goddess as superior over a god, or the earth or mother nature or natural law as superior over everything. Female plants and animals would also be viewed as superior to the male of the same species, etc. Female supremacists can be both women or men.

Some women and men, who choose being in an FLR, are female supremacists, while others are not. Therefore, being in an FLR does not necessarily mean the partners subscribe to this philosophy. The bottom line of any FLR is based on the fact that both partners agree for the woman to lead the relationship — that her authority and sexual power is vested to her by mutual agreement. The FLR is a mutually consensual relationship. Motives, reasons and desires for creating the FLR vary between couple to couple.

The nature of the FLR[edit]

An FLR is a distinct, matriarchal dynamic within the relationship. Nevertheless, the FLR is somewhat characterized by the principles and ethics of old-fashioned chivalry too.

There is a major difference between women who professionally dominate clients as fantasy role-play versus women who dominate their men in a bona fide romantic relationship/commitment. And while in rare instances, some pro-dommes may also be in an FLR, the distinguishing factor between a "professional Dominatrix" and a "lifestyle Dominatrix" lies in the fact the lifestyle female dominant is not dominating for mere momentary fantasy, or for hire, or casually, or other pretentious scene-plays, as she is actually living a female-led lifestyle with full power, control and authority over her male, per what each moment-to-moment of their lives together may warrant.

This is analogous in the same way as a prostitute for sexual hire is not the same thing as a wife or girlfriend in an ongoing romantic commitment. In reality contrast, the pro-domme exists for the sake of the male client's desires and fantasies, whereas the dominant woman leading the FLR lives for the sake of her own desires and fulfillment. Unlike the self-centered, self-seeking male who seeks out a pro-domme or prostitute for his own purposes, the male committed within the FLR is selflessly subordinated to her in a 24/7 commitment. Hence in contrast, pro-domming is merely a temporary fix or fantasy, whereas the FLR is an actual, ongoing, real-life reality — where the woman and man together are actually living the FLR dynamic together each day.

The dynamics of the FLR[edit]

This type of relationship may involve various kinds of dominant behavior by the female partner along with willing obedience and subordination by the male partner. The female partner provides the central focus and direction of the relationship, while the male partner is expected to be selfless to her dominion and decisions. This can include her control over finances and free time of both people by the woman, determination of where the couple lives, works, or how they live on a daily basis in every aspect of the relationship. Parents in an FLR may teach their children what they believe to be the positive intrinsic value, central worthiness and the natural power of being female. In the FLR, it is normally expected the man to do housework and other menial tasks/labor, or whatever the woman decides will be his daily duties and responsibilities. Additionally, he is expected to obey her rules and instructions.

As a part of an FLR, sometimes punishment and/or rewards are used to control, train, maintain or even optimize the male partner for her sake, pleasure and fulfillment. In this sense, the FLR relationship is more focused on good character building, personal development and personal empowerment for both persons within the commitment. The FLR is naturally a more effective and efficient relationship, whereby quality of life and basic survival are elevated, as potential mutual competitiveness is eliminated. Therefore, the FLR is a romantic commitment with natural balance and polarity.[citation needed]

Sexual activity may be completely controlled by the woman who determines how and when sex is practiced. Sometimes the man may be placed in chastity and limited to orally satisfying the wife and may often be teased and denied in return. In some cases, the female-led relationship may involve freedom for the woman to see other men, but total fidelity is still expected of the male partner (see Cuckolding). Some couples choosing creating an FLR together may opt for the full BDSM dynamic, while others may not; but still others may find some moderate combination variation therein. However regardless, in the end, in all cases of the FLR, the woman maintains final sexual and non-sexual control and ultimate decision-making authority over the man in their relationship together.