Fencing at the 1896 Summer Olympics – Men's foil

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Men's foil
at the Games of the I Olympiad
Venue Zappeion
Date April 7
Competitors 8 from 2 nations
Gold medal 
Silver medal 
Bronze medal 
Fencing at the
1896 Summer Olympics
Fencing pictogram.svg
Foil   men
Masters foil men
Sabre men

The men's foil was one of three fencing events on the Fencing at the 1896 Summer Olympics programme. It was held on the second day of competition, 7 April. Eight fencers took part, with the preliminary fencing involving a round-robin held in two groups. The first group was Pierrakos-Mavromichalis, Delaborde, Callot, and Poulos. The second was Komninos-Miliotis, Balakakis, Gravelotte, and Vouros. The two fencers that were undefeated in their groups faced each other in the final for gold and silver medals, while Pierrakos-Mavromichalis was awarded third place as he had the best record (2-1) of the remaining fencers in actual bouts. Vouros's second win came from a forfeit by Komninos-Miliotis.


Preliminary round[edit]

Group A[edit]

Place Athlete TF TA W L
1  Henri Callot (FRA) 9 4 3 0
2  Perikles Pierrakos-Mavromichalis (GRE) 7 4 2 1
3  Ioannis Poulos (GRE) 5 7 1 2
4  Henri Delaborde (FRA) 3 9 0 3
Match Winner Touches Loser
A1  Perikles Pierrakos-Mavromichalis (GRE) 3-1  Henri Delaborde (FRA)
A2  Henri Callot (FRA) 3-2  Ioannis Poulos (GRE)
A3  Perikles Pierrakos-Mavromichalis (GRE) 3-0  Ioannis Poulos (GRE)
A4  Henri Callot (FRA) 3-1  Henri Delaborde (FRA)
A5  Henri Callot (FRA) 3-1  Perikles Pierrakos-Mavromichalis (GRE)
A6  Ioannis Poulos (GRE) 3-1  Henri Delaborde (FRA)

Group B[edit]

Place Athlete TF TA W L
1  Eugène-Henri Gravelotte (FRA) 9 5 3 0
2  Athanasios Vouros (GRE) 8 4 2 1
3  Konstantinos Komninos-Miliotis (GRE) 5 7 1 2
4  Georgios Balakakis (GRE) 3 9 0 3
Match Winner Touches Loser
B1  Konstantinos Komninos-Miliotis (GRE) 3-1  Georgios Balakakis (GRE)
B2  Eugène-Henri Gravelotte (FRA) 3-2  Athanasios Vouros (GRE)
B3  Athanasios Vouros (GRE) 3-1  Georgios Balakakis (GRE)
B4  Eugène-Henri Gravelotte (FRA) 3-2  Konstantinos Komninos-Miliotis (GRE)
B5  Eugène-Henri Gravelotte (FRA) 3-1  Georgios Balakakis (GRE)
B6  Athanasios Vouros (GRE) 3-0 (w/o)  Konstantinos Komninos-Miliotis (GRE)


In the final, the two undefeated Frenchmen faced each other. Gravelotte won in a close bout.

Match Winner Touches Loser
F  Eugène-Henri Gravelotte (FRA) 3-1  Henri Callot (FRA)


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