Fencing at the 1900 Summer Olympics – Men's foil

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Men's foil
at the Games of the II Olympiad
Date May 21
Competitors 54 from 9 nations
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Fencing at the
1900 Summer Olympics
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The amateur foil competition had 54 fencers from 9[1] nations compete. For the first round, quarterfinals, and repechage, skill and art with the foil was more important to advancing than actually winning the bout.

Round 1[edit]

Each fencer had one bout. The result of the bout did not determine advancement; a jury determined which fencers displayed the most skill. The winner of each bout is unknown. 37 fencers advanced to the quarterfinals.

14 May 1900
Bout Fencer 1 Fencer 2
1  Mauricio Ponce de Léon (ESP)  Felix Debax (FRA)
2  Georges Dillon-Cavanagh (FRA)  Paul Robert (SUI)
3  Carlos de Candamo (PER)  Albert Cahen (FRA)
4  Henri Masson (FRA)  Olivier Collarini (ITA)
5  Robert Marc (FRA)  Bélot (FRA)
6  Martini (FRA)  Henri Jobier (FRA)
7  Tony Smet (BEL)  Guèrin (FRA)
8  Ferrand (FRA)  Prospère Sénat (FRA)
9  Taillefert (FRA)  Grossard (FRA)
10  Calvet (FRA)  Emil Fick (SWE)
11  Adrien Guyon (FRA)  Palardi (ITA)
12  Jactel (FRA)  Giuseppe Giurato (ITA)
13  Claude de Boissière (FRA)  Gardiès (FRA)
14  Léon Thiébaut (FRA)  F. Weill (USA)
15  Fedreghini (ITA)  Piot (FRA)
16  Heinrich Rischtoff (AUT)  Pélabon (FRA)
17  Jean Weill (SUI)  Passerat (FRA)
18  André Corvington (HAI)  Fouchier (FRA)
15 May 1900
Bout Fencer 1 Fencer 2
19  Pierre Georges Louis d'Hugues (FRA)  Émile Coste (FRA)
20  Rudolf Brosch (AUT)  Marcel Jacques Boulenger (FRA)
21  H. Valarche (FRA)  de Saint-Aignan (FRA)
22  Plommet (FRA)  van der Stoppen (AUT)
23  Perrissoud (FRA)  Soudois (FRA)
24  Ducrot (FRA)  Gauthier (FRA)
25  André de Schonen (FRA)  Paul Leroy (FRA)
26  Jean-Joseph Renaud (FRA)  Eugene des Logis Berges (FRA)
27  Wattelier (FRA)  Georges Bergès (FRA)


Again, jury verdicts were used in place of match results to determine those advancing to the semifinals. 10 fencers were selected to advance to the semifinals directly, while 14 were sent to the repechage.

16 May 1900
Bout Fencer 1 Fencer 2
1  Jean-Joseph Renaud (FRA)  Felix Debax (FRA)
2  Claude de Boissière (FRA)  Adrien Guyon (FRA)
3  Henri Masson (FRA)  Carlos de Candamo (PER)
4  Tony Smet (BEL)  de Saint-Aignan (FRA)
5  Guèrin (FRA)  Eugene des Logis Berges (FRA)
6  André de Schonen (FRA)  Plommet (FRA)
7  Pierre Georges Louis d'Hugues (FRA)  Prospère Sénat (FRA)
8  Émile Coste (FRA)  Paul Robert (SUI)
9  Marcel Jacques Boulenger (FRA)  Albert Cahen (FRA)
10  Ducrot (FRA)  Jactel (FRA)
11  Georges Dillon-Cavanagh (FRA)  Perissoud (FRA)
12  Rudolf Brosch (AUT)  H. Valarche (FRA)
13  Bélot (FRA)  Calvet (FRA)
14  Ferrand (FRA)  Robert Marc (FRA)
15  Taillefert (FRA)  Martini (FRA)
16  Henri Jobier (FRA)  Olivier Collarini (ITA)
17  Léon Thiébaut (FRA)  Mauricio Ponce de Léon (ESP)
 Soudois (FRA) Did not start
 van der Stoppen (AUT) Did not start
 Wattelier (FRA) Did not start


The matchups in the repechage are not known. Once again, jury verdicts rather than match results mattered. 6 fencers were selected to advance to the semifinals. De Saint-Agnan was selected as an alternate, later competing in the consolation final after the withdrawal of Renaud.

 Bélot (FRA)
 Eugene des Logis Berges (FRA)
 Rudolf Brosch (AUT)
 Georges Dillon-Cavanagh (FRA)
 Pierre Georges Louis d'Hugues (FRA)
 Prospère Sénat (FRA)
 de Saint-Aignan (FRA)
 Carlos de Candamo (PER)
 Ferrand (FRA)
 Henri Jobier (FRA)
 Plommet (FRA)
 André de Schonen (FRA)
 Taillefert (FRA)
 Léon Thiébaut (FRA)


The semifinals were the first round of the foil tournament to use actual match results in determining advancement. The 16 fencers were divided into two pools. Each fencer then faced each other fencer in his pool once. The four fencers with the best record in each pool moved on to the finals, with the other four competing in the consolation. A barrage was used to break a tie between 4th and 5th place.

Pool A
Place Name Wins Losses
1  Émile Coste (FRA) 7 0
2  Henri Masson (FRA) 5 2
3  Prospère Sénat (FRA) 5 2
4  Rudolf Brosch (AUT) 3 4
5  Guèrin (FRA) 3 4
6  Claude de Boissière (FRA) 2 5
7  Bélot (FRA) 2 5
8  Tony Smet (BEL) 1 6
Pool B
Place Name Wins Losses
1  Marcel Jacques Boulenger (FRA) Unknown
2  Felix Debax (FRA)
3  Pierre Georges Louis d'Hugues (FRA)
4  Georges Dillon-Cavanagh (FRA)
5  Jean-Joseph Renaud (FRA)
6  Adrien Guyon (FRA)
7  Ducrot (FRA)
8  Eugene des Logis Berges (FRA)

Consolation pool[edit]

The eight fencers who had placed in the bottom four of each pool in the semifinals competed for 9th to 16th places in the consolation pool. Renaud withdrew, making room for de Saint-Aignan to be activated from alternate status.

Place Name
1 (9th)  Claude de Boissière (FRA)
2 (10th)  Eugene des Logis Berges (FRA)
3 (11th)  de Saint-Aignan (FRA)
4 (12th  Bélot (FRA)
5 (13th)  Ducrot (FRA)
6 (14th)  Tony Smet (BEL)
7 (15th)  Adrien Guyon (FRA)
8 (16th)  Guèrin (FRA)


The final was held on 21 May 1900. The top four fencers in each of the two semifinals competed against each other, each fencing the other seven once.

Place Name Wins Losses
1  Émile Coste (FRA) 6 1
2  Henri Masson (FRA) 5 2
3  Marcel Jacques Boulenger (FRA) 4 3
4  Felix Debax (FRA) 4 3
5  Pierre Georges Louis d'Hugues (FRA) 3 4
6  Prospère Sénat (FRA) 3 4
7  Georges Dillon-Cavanagh (FRA) 2 5
8  Rudolf Brosch (AUT) 1 6


  1. ^ Mallon's count of 8 is based on Smet being labelled French in the first round and quarterfinals of Mallon's book; Mallon correctly has Smet as Belgian in the semifinals and final. Adding Belgium gives the 9th nation.