Fencing at the 1904 Summer Olympics – Men's foil

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Men's foil
at the Games of the III Olympiad
Venue Physical Culture Gymnasium
(Washington University in St. Louis)
Date September 7
Competitors 9 from 3 nations
Gold medal    Cuba
Silver medal    Cuba
Bronze medal    Cuba
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1904 Summer Olympics
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The men's foil was a fencing event held as part of the fencing at the 1904 Summer Olympics programme. It was the third time the event was held at the Olympics. The competition was held on September 7, 1904.

9 fencers from 3 nations competed.



Each fencer in a group faced each other fencer in that group once. The top two fencers in each semifinal group moved on to the final.

Semifinal pool A
1.  Ramón Fonst (CUB) 4 0
2.  Albertson Van Zo Post (CUB) [1] 3 1
3.  Charles Townsend (USA) 2 2
4.  Theodore Carstens (USA) 1 3
5.  William Grebe (USA) 0 4
Semifinal pool B
1.  Gustav Casmir (GER) 3 0
2.  Charles Tatham (CUB) [2] 2 1
3.  Wilfred Holroyd (USA) 1 2
4.  Arthur Fox (USA) 0 3


Fonst continued to defeat all comers, including Post a second time, to win the gold. Post's only two losses in the event came against Fonst, as he took silver. Tatham, who had lost to Casmir in the semifinal pool, defeated him the second time around to take third place.

1  Ramón Fonst (CUB) 3 0
2  Albertson Van Zo Post (CUB) [1] 2 1
3  Charles Tatham (CUB) [2] 1 2
4  Gustav Casmir (GER) 0 3


  1. ^ a b The IOC results database shows Albertson Van Zo Post as Cuban however he was American.
  2. ^ a b The IOC results database shows Charles Tatham as Cuban for individual events and American for the team event however he was American.