Fencing at the 1904 Summer Olympics – Men's team foil

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Men's team foil
at the Games of the III Olympiad
Venue Physical Culture Gymnasium
(Washington University in St. Louis)
Date September 7
Competitors 6 from 2 nations
Gold medal 
Silver medal 
Fencing at the
1904 Summer Olympics
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The men's team foil was a fencing event held as part of the fencing at the 1904 Summer Olympics program. It was the first time a team fencing event was held at the Olympics. 2 teams of 3 fencers each competed. The nationality of the teams is unclear. In the International Olympic Committee's medal database, the winning team is listed as Cuban and American, though each of the three members is listed as Cuban in their individual results. The losing team is listed as American, though one of the members is labeled Cuban for his individual wins. See footnotes for clarification.



Each of the three fencers on each team faced all three of the other team's fencers. The mixed team fencers won 7 of the 9 individual bouts, giving them the team victory.

1  Cuba (CUB) [1]
 Ramón Fonst (CUB)
 Albertson Van Zo Post (CUB) [2]
 Manuel Díaz (CUB)
1 (7) 0 (2)
2  United States (USA)
Charles Tatham [3]
Charles Townsend
Arthur Fox
0 (2) 1 (7)


  1. ^ The IOC results database shows this team as mixed with athletes from Cuba and the USA, but all athletes are listed as Cuban for their individual event medals, but Van Zo Post was American.
  2. ^ The IOC results database shows Albertson Van Zo Post as Cuban however he was American.
  3. ^ The IOC results database shows Charles Tatham as Cuban for individual events and American for the team event, but he was American.