Feng Baiju

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Feng Baiju
Feng Baiju - monument - 01.jpg
Part of a stone monument at the top of Haikou People's Park
Personal details
Born (1903-06-07)June 7, 1903
Hainan Island
Died July 19, 1973(1973-07-19) (aged 70)
Beijing, China
Nationality  People's Republic of China
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Feng Baiju, 冯白驹,(1903–1973) was the main leader of the Hainan Independent Column (Qiongya zongdui) of Chinese Communist fighters on Hainan Island. Feng led the Column in resistance to both the Nationalists (Guomindang/Kuomintang, GMD/KMT) and the Japanese. The Japanese occupation of Hainan lasted from 1939 through 1945. The Communist takeover of Hainan did not occur until the spring of 1950 when mainland Communist forces joined with Feng's local Column of fighters. Feng maintained control of political leadership on Hainan for a short time after the Communist takeover, but soon he was removed in favor of leaders who were more palatable to mainland PRC leaders. He suffered greatly during the "anti-localism" campaigns of the 1950s, and again in struggle sessions during the Cultural Revolution, and died in 1973. Today he is celebrated as one of Hainan's local heroes.

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