Feng Chia University

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Feng Chia University
Established 1961[1]
Type Private
Location Xitun, Taichung, Taiwan
Website www.fcu.edu.tw
Feng Chia University

Feng Chia University (FCU; Chinese: 逢甲大學; pinyin: Féngjiǎ Dàxué) is a private university in Xitun District, Taichung, Taiwan. It was named after Chiu Feng-Chia (丘逢甲 - Qiū Féngjiǎ), one of the leaders of the military resistance against the Japanese invasion of Taiwan in 1895.


In 1961, a university was established in central Taiwan, called Feng Chia College of Engineering and Business, to commemorate Mr. Feng-Chia Chiu (Qiu Fengjia).

In 1961 the college was formally established near the Da-Tun Mountain in northern Taichung City, and two years later moved to the present site Xitun in western Taichung.

In 1980 it gained university status.


A Ministry of Education evaluation for the academic year 2006-2008 awarded the highest subsidy nation-wide to Feng Chia University.-->

The university has 20,000 graduate and undergraduate students yearly in its eight colleges of Engineering, Business, Sciences, Construction and Development, Information and Electrical Engineering, Humanities and Social Sciences, School of Management and Development, Continuing and Extension Education.

The renovated digitised Main Library has an e-learning workshop. Institutions of FCU include the Geographical Information Systems Research Center, the Construction Research Center, the Business Incubation Center, the Office of Technology Licensing, the E-Commerce Research Center, and the Nano-Technology Research Center.

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