Feng Gong

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This is a Chinese name; the family name is Feng.
Feng Gong
Chinese name 馮鞏 (traditional)
Chinese name 冯巩 (simplified)
Pinyin Féng Gǒng (Mandarin)
Origin Xiangsheng performer
Born 1957
Tianjin, China
Occupation Xiangsheng performer, actor, film director, and screenwriter

Feng Gong (simplified Chinese: 冯巩; traditional Chinese: 馮鞏; pinyin: Féng Gǒng; born 1957) is a Chinese actor, xiangsheng performer, film director, and screenwriter from Tianjin, China. He is the great grandson of Feng Guozhang, a statesman and warlord of China during the early 20th century. He graduated from Central China Normal University with a Master's degree in Chinese Literature.


In 1973, he performed a famous xiang sheng named "zun shi ai tu di" (尊师爱徒弟) in Tian Jin. Then he started to learn the arts of xiang sheng from the xiang sheng master Ma Ji. Feng is talented and smart than any other students so he became the xiang sheng new star at that time and got many chances to perform on the stage with celebrity. Niu Qun (牛群) and Liu wei(刘伟) were his partners when performing xiang sheng.

Feng is very popular among Chinese people since 1988.He got 5 awards at the Spring Festival Gala in a row.

In 1988, he won the championship at the competition of xiang sheng performances in Da Lian held under CCTV.

In 2000, Feng became one of the TV presenters to hold Spring Festival Gala.[1]



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