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Feng Shui
Feng Shui Official Theatrical Poster 2004.jpg
Theatrical release poster
Directed by Chito Roño
Produced by Tess V. Fuentes
Charo Santos-Concio
Malou N. Santos
Written by Roy C. Iglesias
Chito S. Roño
Starring Kris Aquino
Music by Carmina Cuya
Cinematography Neil Daza
Edited by Vito Cajili
Distributed by Star Cinema
Release dates 15 September 2004 (Philippines)
Country Philippines
Language Filipino, English
Box office Php 137.56 million

Feng Shui is a 2004 Filipino horror movie starring Kris Aquino. The film grossed Php 137.56 million and was a blockbuster hit in 2004. The film centers on a cursed Bagua mirror where a person gets killed if they stare at the Bagua mirror, with their death relating at any way to their Chinese zodiac. The Hollywood version of the movie is still frozen and it is unknown if Star Cinema have decided to have a contract with Hollywood. A sequel entitled Feng Shui 2 has been announced.[1]


After riding a bus, Joy Ramirez (Kris Aquino) awakens and finds a package left by a man (Emil Sandoval) next to her in his seat. Failed to return it to him, she visits Aling Biring (Luz Fernandez) in her local bakery and shows her the package, revealing it to be an antique bagua mirror. Biring believes that the mirror will drive away evil spirits and bad luck which brings luck by the Chinese. After Biring explains to Joy about the mirror, an accident occurs in the street nearby.

Joy struggles to get along with her family after moving in to a new home with her husband Inton (Jay Manalo) and their children Denton (John Vladimir Manalo) and Ingrid (Julianne Gomez). After Joy uses the bagua mirror in her home, her company friend Alice (Lotlot de Leon) decides to give her job to Joy thus granting her a promotion. After winning the grand prize at a grocery store, Joy becomes suspicious of how she became so lucky. The next day, Joy recognizes the man from the bus whom he had left the mirror, named Evart Mendoza, was killed by a Rabbit Liner bus in the street near where the earlier accident had occurred. Joy learns that Evart was born in the year of the rabbit after she examines his age and reads the tabloid. Later, Joy learns that Aling Biring died from leptospirosis that morning. When Joy visits her wake, she check Biring's birth date and discovers that she was born under the year of the rat.

The next day Joy notices her husband reconciling with his former lover Dina (Jenny Miller) while at work. She seeks help from her friend Thelma (Ilonah Jean). Thelma explain to Joy that her Chinese zodiac sign is a tiger while Inton and Dina were both born in the year of the dog. Thelma tells Joy from her prediction that she should never confront her husband on knowing about his affair. After Joy goes back to the house, Denton's neighbor Billy (Ernest Sto. Tomas) explains to her about what he heard from the security guards about the omens in the neighborhood and the deaths occurring in the street. Joy later calls the security after she sees her tricycle driver Mang Nestor, who was killed earlier in a cockfight after he got in a fight when he lost the bet. After Billy and the security leave, Joy is haunted in her home by the ghosts of Nestor, Biring, Evart, and a woman. Joy calls Alice and Thelma to her house and explains to them on what happened to Evart, Biring, and Nestor; later revealed to be born in the year of the rooster. Their deaths were connected to the Chinese zodiac of their birth year.

Joy decide to visit Evart's wife Lily (Cherry Pie Picache) and explain to her about the mirror that Evart left in the bus. When Lily was once a real estate agent before, she found the bagua mirror from an old rental house. It brings her good luck but the deaths, including Biring, Evart, and Nestor, reflect this. Lily tells Joy that she is now the owner of the mirror, which holds her fortune that brings the curse. She urges Joy to give the bagua mirror back, but Joy refuses and leave. Later after Joy accepted an inheritance given by her late client, she, the security and Inton witness the security guard, whom he saw the mirror and Joy had met earlier, has been found dead after being bitten by a snake which was the animal sign of his birth year. After his death, they watch the video of the ghosts living in Joy's house that he had record with his camera earlier.

Joy, along with Thelma and Alice, seek help from a feng shui expert Hsui Liao (Joonee Gamboa). After they show him the mirror, Liao tells them that the bagua mirror was once owned by two siblings of a rich Chinese family from Shanghai. During the revolution of Sun Yat-sen, his allies and rich families were evacuated. After the brother and his family left, he left his foot-bounded sister nicknamed "Lotus Feet", hence to a tradition of foot binding of young girls to prevent normal growth of their feet, stating she is burden. Her servants had betrayed her, joined the communist army, and plot to kill their mistress by burning her mansion. Before her death, she took the bagua mirror and placed a curse that she will take the soul of anyone who stares at the mirror. Joy tried to break the mirror, but Liao warns her that if she does it, the mirror will be restored after the soul of the owner was taken away. Before they left, Alice realizes that she herself has glanced at the mirror earlier, after she and Joy moved it to the doorway. Later after learning about Inton's reconciling affair with Dina, Joy began confronting her husband about this. But after accepting the prize that Joy had won from the grocery store earlier, she and her family witness a robbery from Billy's house. When Joy discovers one of the robbers survive from the gunshot, she realized that Alice was next and attempts to save her. Meanwhile after an argument, Alice, who was born in the year of the horse, is attacked and killed by her drunken neighbor by throwing her out of the window and falling onto the crates of Red Horse beer bottles. The ghosts of the victims, including Alice, haunts Joy's house and her family as they escape. Joy returned home, noticing her house cluttered, with her family leaving after the hauntings. Joy finds that the bagua mirror was hanged at the doorway after she had removed it earlier. She attempts to destroy the mirror, but is stopped by Alice's ghost and Joy collapses. Joy saw the victims' ghosts and the Lotus Lady surrounding her before she faints.

The next morning, Joy was awoken by the security and tried to find the mirror, but it was still hanging in the doorway. After Joy manages to retrieve her children from Inton's mother (Daria Ramirez), but could not find Inton, she and the children stay at Billy's house to wait for Thelma to drive them to a condominium in the city requested by Billy's uncle Teodoro (Gerard Pizaras). Joy receives a call from Master Liao. He tells her that to end the curse, she must reject the offers of good luck so that it will not bring harm to others and she can break the mirror, saving the next victim. Before they could leave, the security reports to Joy and Teodoro about Denton and Billy's biking accident along the highway. Denton is safe, but Billy was in critical condition and is taken to a hospital while the guard takes Denton to Thelma and Ingrid. In the hospital, Billy had loss amount of blood but his blood type is rare and could not continue the operation. Joy, who has the same blood type as Billy, decide to take the blood transfusion with her blood for him. After Billy was recovered, Joy realizes that Inton, who had looked at himself in the mirror earlier and after she had cost his life to save Billy, was the next victim.

Joy arrives at the motel where Inton was with Dina to warn him of his fate. She tried to reach him at the underground parking lot but arrived too late as Inton and Dina were shot and killed by Louie (Noni Buencamino), Dina's husband who is the 'dog', when they attempt to flee. Louie tries to kill Joy but she pleads for her life and told him that both of them were being cheated by their spouses. When Joy tried to help him, Louie spares her life as he commits suicide, saving herself from death. Later while driving in the highway with Denton and Ingrid, Thelma saw an animal truck of cows and chickens in front of her vehicle. When she learn that Ingrid was born in the year of the rooster, Thelma realizes that Denton and herself were both born under the year of the ox. Horrified by this, Thelma tries to alert the truck but she and the children were hit in the accident. Joy arrives at her home and met with attorney Regalado, a lawyer was sent by Lily to give Joy the offer for returning the bagua mirror to her. When Regalado tried to double the money to her, Joy refuses the offer. After being infuriated by the deaths of her husband and her friends and refusing an offer of good luck, Joy finally destroys the mirror in the process. She finds Thelma and her children, who claimed that they survived the accident. However, Joy realizes that she didn't save her children and Thelma, whom they had also looked at the mirror earlier, after she saw her dead husband Inton joining with her children, leaving her fate unknown.

Afterwards, a new family had move in their new subdivision. Their twin daughters find the restored bagua mirror in Joy's former subdivision. While they show it to their parents, the Lotus Lady watches them at the window, awaiting for her next victim.




The film was released at the time that 'Asian horror' gained popularity. It was a critical and commercial success, receiving positive reception from critics and audiences alike, and grossing PHP 137.56 million at the box-office. The film was the first in the line-up of box-office horror hit that Kris Aquino did under Star Cinema in which she was tagged as "Philippine's Box-office Horror Queen". It was followed by Sukob (also directed by Roño), Dalaw, and Segunda Mano.


A sequel has been confirmed by Kris Aquino, and the cast includes Coco Martin, Cherry Pie Picache, Ian Veneracion, Joem Bascon, Carmi Martin, Joonee Gamboa, Martin Escudero. Chito Roño is still helmed to direct the film. It will be Star Cinema's official entry to the 2014 Metro Manila Film Festival. Filming of the film is set to commence by late August 2014.[1]

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