Fengshan Single Member Constituency

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Fengshan Single Member Constituency (Traditional Chinese: 鳳山單選區;Simplified Chinese: 凤山单选区) is a defunct Single Member Constituency within Bedok, Singapore. It was carved from Bedok division in prior to 1984 general election as the population in Bedok grows and absorbed into the then greater 3 members ward Bedok Group Representation Constituency before 1991 general election and Bedok GRC had became a 4 members ward.

Members of Parliament[edit]

Constituency Abolished (1991 – ) As of 2011, it is a ward under East Coast GRC.

Candidates and results[edit]

Elections in 1980s[edit]

General Election 1988: Fengshan
Party Candidate Votes % ±%
PAP Arthur Beng 9,507 57.92 -7.21
WP Chng Chin Siah 6,907 42.08 +7.21
Turnout 16,764 96.4 +0.0
PAP hold Swing -7.21

Note: As the candidate Chng Chin Siah did contested in the same constituency prior to this election, hence the vote swing will be based on his performance in his previous attempt.

General Election 1984: Fengshan
Party Candidate Votes % ±%
PAP Arthur Beng 11,216 65.13
SUF Chng Chin Siah 6,605 34.87
Turnout 17,737 96.4
PAP win (new seat)

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