Fengxian District

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East China University of Science and Technology Fengxian Campus
Fengxian in Shanghai
Fengxian in Shanghai
Country China
Region Shanghai
Time zone China Standard (UTC+8)
Fengxian District
Chinese 奉賢
Postal Map Fengsien

Fengxian District (simplified Chinese: 奉贤区; traditional Chinese: 奉賢區; pinyin: Fèngxián Qū; Shanghainese: von ji chiu), formerly romanized as Fengsien, is a suburban district of Shanghai with a land area of 704.68 km2 (272.08 sq mi), a registered population (as of 2010) of 1,083,400, and 1.5 to 2 times more migrants. It is known for its relative rusticity, as well as its beaches and ocean resorts. Bihai Jinsha (碧海金沙, lit. "Blue Sea, Gold Beach") is a common place for Shanghainese to spend their weekend.


Nanqiao is a major town in Fengxian district, which recent development has more than doubled in size. Of particular interest is Guhua Park which contains the "Three Women Temple" or "Ancestral Hall" (三女祠, Sān Nǚ ). During the Zhou dynasty, the King of Wu's three daughters hanged themselves rather than be caught by the King of Yue's soldiers. The town is also a short taxi ride from Xinghai Beach and its resorts, also slated for development. Nanqiao has a 1000-bed medical center, the Fengxian District Central Hospital, which is an all-discipline tertiary hospital.[clarification needed]

Nanqiao is about 30 minutes from downtown Shanghai by car or about 1–2 hours by public transit. It can be reached by taking the Line 1 subway to Xinzhuang and transferring to the Line 5 subway to Dongchuan Road. Alternatively, one can transfer to the Xinnan Bus[clarification needed] at Xinzhuang, the Nanmei Line (南梅线) from Jinjiang Park to Nanqiao Bus Station (南桥汽车站), or the Shangfeng Bus[clarification needed] at the Shanghai South Railway Station Station's South Square.


Towns: Nanqiao (南桥镇), Xidu (西渡镇), Zhuanghang (庄行镇), Jinhui (金汇镇), Zhelin (柘林镇), Qingcun (青村镇), Fengcheng (奉城镇), Situan (四团镇), Haiwan (海湾镇).[1]


M&G Stationery has its corporate headquarters in the district.[2]


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