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Coordinates: 37°49′40.79″N 122°15′0.24″W / 37.8279972°N 122.2500667°W / 37.8279972; -122.2500667

Fentons Creamery
Fentons Creamery in Oakland.jpg
Oakland Fentons Creamery in 2006
Restaurant information
Established 1894
Food type Ice cream, sandwiches, hamburgers, and salads
Street address 4226 Piedmont Avenue
City Oakland
County Alameda County
State California
Postal code/ZIP 94611
Country USA
Other locations Vacaville, California
Oakland International Airport
Website www.fentonscreamery.com

Fentons Creamery is a historic ice cream parlor and restaurant located on Piedmont Avenue in Oakland, California, USA.

It opened in 1894[1] on the corner of 41st and Howe streets before moving to its present location in 1961, a few blocks away.[2] Fentons was then destroyed by an arson fire in 2001.[2] The arsonists claimed the owner of Fentons encouraged them to start the fire.[3] Over $2 million[2] was spent to rebuild it with a grill, more tables, and an expanded menu.[4]

Fentons was featured in the 2009 animated film Up. Director Pete Docter, producer Jonas Rivera, and other Pixar employees are regular customers to Fentons. Docter said that they decided to include it in their movie after the original script had the ice cream parlor named after a different place on the East Coast.[5]

The ice cream parlor also claims to be the original birthplace of rocky road ice cream.[6] Fentons candy maker George Farren made a rocky road candy bar and decided to blend it into an ice cream flavor. This inspired his friends William Dreyer and Joseph Edy of Dreyer's to start making their own version, but substituting almonds for walnuts.[6] However, Dreyer's still continues to market its product as "The Original Rocky Road".[7]

A second location opened in 2007 in Vacaville, California,[5] as well as a shop in the food court of the Oakland International Airport.


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