Feodor Kuzmich

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Feodor Kuzmich in Tomsk

Fyodor Kuzmich (Russian: Фёдор Кузьмич), also Feodor Kozmich, Russian: Феодор Козьмич, Theodore of Tomsk, or Fomich[1] (died February 1, 1864, in Tomsk) was a Russian Orthodox starets. He has been canonized as a righteous saint by the Russian Orthodox Church in 1984.[2]

There is a well-documented legend that claims that he was in fact Alexander I of Russia who faked his death in 1825 to become a hermit.[3] According to one account, he lived in a modest house with a garden; protected in a variety of ways by the Imperial Chancery, he received a visit from Alexander II in 1837 and his grave was visited by Nicholas II in 1893.[4]


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