Feodosia municipality

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Feodosia municipality
Феодосійська міськрада
Location within Crimea
Location within Crimea
Country Disputed:
Republic Crimea
Capital Feodosia
 • Total 350 km2 (140 sq mi)
Population (2013)
 • Total 105,065
 • Density 300/km2 (780/sq mi)
Time zone MSK (UTC+4)
Dialing code +380-6562 ¹
(1) exсept for the towns of Krasnokamenka, Kurortne and Shchebetovka - calling code +380-6566

Feodosia city municipality (Ukrainian: Феодосійська міськрада, Russian: Феодосийский горсовет, Crimean Tatar: Kefe şeer şurası), officially "the territory governed by the Feodosia city council", is one of the 25 regions of the Autonomous Republic of Crimea, a territory recognized by a majority of countries as part of Ukraine and incorporated by Russia as the Republic of Crimea. Population: 105,065 (2013 population estimate)[1].

It is a resort region, located in southeastern Crimea—one of the most popular recreational territories of the former Soviet Union. Besides its capital Feodosia, the region is famous for the resort town of Koktebel.

Administrative divisions[edit]

Besides the city of Feodosia, the region includes five towns and 12 villages which are organised into seven town and village communities.

Former names which were officially changed in 1945-49 after the deportation of Crimean Tatars and are now used only by the Crimean Tatar community are mentioned in brackets.

  • Beregovoye village community
    • Beregovoye (Qoran Eli)
    • Stepnoye
  • Koktebel town community
  • Nasypnoye villagу community
    • Nasypnoye (Nasipköy)
    • Blyzhnye (Bay Buğa)
    • Vynogradnoye (Kürey Başı)
    • Pionerskoye (Gertsenberg)
    • Podgornoye
    • Solnechnoye (Paşa Töpe)
    • Yuzhnoye (Sultan Sala)
  • Ordzhonikidze town community
    • Ordzhonikidze (Kaydagor)
  • Prymorskyi town community
    • Prymorskyi (Hafuz)
  • Shchebetovka town community


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Coordinates: 45°02′56″N 35°22′45″E / 45.04889°N 35.37917°E / 45.04889; 35.37917