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Ferdinando Imposimato (born 9 April 1936) is an Italian magistrate, the Honorary President of the Supreme Court of Italy.


Imposimato was born at Maddaloni, in the province of Caserta, and graduated in law at the University of Naples in 1959. After becoming police vice-commissar, he worked in Brescia and then in Forlì. After one year in Rome as a functionary of the Ministry of Treasury, he become a magistrate in 1964.

During his career as prosecutor, Imposimato has been in charge of investigation for the Kidnapping of Aldo Moro, the Mehmet Ali Ağca attempted assassination of Pope John Paul II, the assassination of banker Michele Sindona and several Mafia trial. In 1981 he was in charge of the trial against the Banda della Magliana. Two years later, his brother Franco was killed for revenge and, after endless menaces against his family from the organized criminality, he left the work as judge in 1986, working as ONU consultant against the drugs market. He also dealt with violations of human rights in Southern America.

In 1987 Imposimato was elected to the Italian Senate in the list of Independent Left, associated with the Italian Communist Party. In 1992 he was re-elected to the Chamber of Deputies. He was member for the Parliamentary Antimafia Commission in three consecutive legislatures.

He substains the 9/11 conspiracy theories.[1]


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