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Ferenc Talányi (born Ferenc Temlin, Slovene: Franc Talanyi, or Talanji) (May 23, 1883 – July 9, 1959) was a Slovene (Prekmurian) writer, journalist, and painter.

He was born in Brezovci near Puconci in Kingdom of Hungary. His parents was Mihály Temlin and Katalin Frankó in Lutheran peasant family. In Budapest and Germany studied in catering school. Supported the magyarization and changed his name Talányi. Worked as a restaurateur in the Slovene March (Prekmurje), Ormož and Bad Radkersburg. At that time was the editor of the Dober pajdás kalendárium.

1919 Talányi was a supporter of the Hungarian Soviet Republic. After the communistic dictatorship returned to the Prekmurje. In 1930 arrested, it turned out the communist past. At the time opposed the Magyarization and only went to the Prekmurian-language literature, afterwards only the central Slovene language support. In 1941 briefly again supported the Magyarization. Then joined the communist partisans among the pseudonym Očka (Papa). At the end of the World War II was captured and 9 years in German prisons was imprisoned. In 1955 in the Pomurski vestnik Talányi emphasized the communist past.

Talányi as a turncoat in the most controversial person in the Prekmurje.

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