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Ferguson may refer to:


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In Canada:

In the United States:

Companies and products[edit]

  • Ferguson Enterprises, a provider of plumbing, HVAC and safety equipment
  • Ferguson Company (also known as the Ferguson-Brown Company), a manufacturer of tractors from 1934 to 1953
  • Ferguson Radio Corporation, an electronics company purchased by THORN Electrical Industries in 1936
  • Ferguson Research Ltd., a manufacturer of racing cars and 4WD transmission systems
  • Ferguson rifle, a rifle produced in the late 1770s and used in the American Revolutionary War
  • Ferguson Shipbuilders, a shipbuilding company based in Port Glasgow on the River Clyde
  • Ferguson TE20 (also known as the "little grey Fergie"), a British tractor designed by Harry Ferguson
  • Massey-Ferguson, a manufacturer of tractors from 1953 to the present, formed by the merger of Ferguson Company and Massey-Harris Company

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