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Paradigm object-oriented
Designed by Chris Ross
Appeared in 2000
1.1.0pr / 7 January 2006
Dynamic, weak (duck typing)
OS Cross-platform
License BSD License
Website http://ferite.org/

Ferite is a small robust scripting language providing a straightforward application integration, the ability for the API to be extended very easily. The design goals of Ferite are to make a clean, cross-platform language which is easy to embed and easy to extend and provides support for existing and upcoming standards.[1]

The main influences for Ferite are: Java for objects, C and PHP for functions, Scheme for closures, Ruby for block calling, and C++ for namespaces. Ferite also features a sane loose typing mechanism and a small set of Application programming interfaces (APIs). Overall Ferite should be considered a curly-brace language.[2]


Basic "Hello World" program:

uses "console";
Console.println( "Hello World" );

Using closures/lambda functions:

// Define some numbers:
number x = 10, y = 15, z = 30;

// A closure to add those numbers:
object o = closure {
    return x + y + z;

// Use the closure:

// Change the numbers:
x = 5; y = 10; z = 5;

// Use the closure again:

Iterating through an array:

Array.each( [ 1, 2, 3 ] ) using ( value ) {
    Console.println( value * 5 );

These are just some of the beginners examples available.


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