Fermín Jáudenes

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Fermín Jáudines y Álvarez
114th Governor-General of the Philippines
In office
July 24 – August 13, 1898
Preceded by Basilio Augustín
Succeeded by Francisco Rizzo

Fermín Jáudines y Álvarez[1] was briefly a Spanish Governor-General of the Philippines, from July 24 to August 13, 1898, in the middle of the Philippine Revolution. During his term, two important events occurred – the mock Battle of Manila and the surrender of the Spanish, ending over 330 years of rule. Jaudenes was in Manila when the Spanish parliament, the Cortes, learned of Governor-General Basilio Augustín’s attempt to negotiate surrender to the army of Filipinos under Emilio Aguinaldo, which precipitated the latter's removal on July 24, 1898, and the appointment of Jáudenes as Governor-General the same day. Most references indicate that Jaudenes was Acting Governor-General, and remained as such throughout his short term of 21 days.When the Spaniard were almost defeated,Commodore Dewey and General Merritt secretly entered into an agreement with Governor General Fermín Jáudenes.


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Political offices
Preceded by
Basilio Augustín
Governor-General of the Philippines
July 24 – August 13, 1898
Succeeded by
Francisco Rizzo