Club Deportivo Arturo Fernández Vial

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Arturo Fernandez Vial
Club Deportivo Ferroviario Almirante Arturo Fernández Vial logo.png
Full name Corporación Club Deportivo
Arturo Fernandez Vial
Nickname(s) La maquina aurinegra, vialinos, aurinegros
Founded June 3, 1903
Ground Estadio Municipal de Concepción
Concepción, Chile
Ground Capacity 29,000
Chairman Fernando Melo
Manager Flag of Chile.svg Erwin Durán
League Tercera División
2012 5th, Zona Sur

Corporación Club Deportivo Arturo Fernandez Vial is a football club in Chile, from the Concepción area, in the Bio-Bio Region. The team was founded on June 3, 1903, and it currently plays in the fourth tier of the Chilean league system.

Arturo Fernandez Vial identifies itself since its beginning with the national corporation of railroad workers, and it was the most popular team in southern Chile. Its traditional rival is Deportes Concepcion. Also, the team's "hinchada" (die-hard supporters) are known as La Furia Guerrera.


In the year 1897, the football club Internacional de Concepción was founded. This predecessor institution reunited the local residents that worked for the State Railway at the time.

In May 1903, a strike was declared by the harbor workers in the city of Valparaíso which unchained violent scenes in the city, even bringing it to a state of street curfew. In the midst of the deliberations, admiral Arturo Fernandez Vial, ex director of Territorio Marítimo (Maritime Territory) and survivor of the Battle of Iquique, decided to intervene before court, trying to settle the problem, and achieving such goal.

Such an act generated admiration, and because of his work, the football club Internacional decided on June 15 of 1903, change its name to Club Deportivo Ferroviario Almirante Arturo Fernandez Vial.

The team Vial stood out since its beginning by its high degree of organization. It had its own field right next to the Bio-Bio riverbank, in the area known as Chepe. Its statutes accepted members from all nationalities, but Chileans were preferred. The membership fee was of two Chilean pesos at the time and a monthly fee of one peso. As for its clothing, it had yellow soccer cleats, black short socks, special shin guards, white pants, a sealing wax belt, a striped black and white jersey, and a cap of the same color. In the beginning, Internacional was like a miniature Colo-Colo, a great diffuser of football between the years 1897 and 1903, promoting this sport mainly in the towns near Concepción,.

The first great victory for the máquina aurinegra (yellow and black machine) came in 1910, in a historical match that took place in the 120 stop of the old trams that went from Concepción through Talcahuano, the vialinos ended the regional dominance of until then undefeated Concepcion United. That afternoon, the loud whistles from the coal engines deafened the city's downtown.

In the year 1981, Vial decides to play in the newly created Tercera División (Third Division) becoming champions and obtaining promotion to Chile's Segunda Division (Second Division). With almost the same squad, Vial repeats the deed the following season and becomes champion of the Second Division in 1982 with 56 points; this milestone helps make the southern dreams come true. After 80 years, Club Ferroviario Almirante Arturo Fernandez Vial (the most popular institution in the southern side of Chile) makes their debut on the Chilean First Division and it's the first team in the history of the national football league to go from Third Division to First Division in two years. Up to now, no other professional football club has done such accomplishment.

Nowadays, Vial is going through hard economical issues that are affecting the team's performance. Nevertheless, with the team playing in Chile's lower levels for the last 20 years, without achieving anything important, the passion from its small but loyal fanbase hasn't perished. Its fans sustain the club, not without difficulties. The team's biggest support throughout these years of uncertainty has come from the hinchada (supporters).


  • Home Uniform: Yellow Jersey with vertical black stripes, black shorts, black socks.
  • Away Uniform: Black Jersey, black shorts, black socks.


Estadio Municipal de Concepción Alcaldesa Ester Roa, located in Concepción, Chile.

Current Squad[edit]

Note: Flags indicate national team as defined under FIFA eligibility rules. Players may hold more than one non-FIFA nationality.

No. Position Player
1 Chile GK Carlos Julio
2 Chile MF Gerson Valle
3 Chile DF Jonathan Mendoza
4 Chile DF Gonzalo Cisterna
5 Chile DF Daniel Campos
6 Chile DF Daniel Briones
7 Chile MF Mauricio Cataldo
8 Chile MF Nicolas Vargas
9 Chile FW Francisco Roman
10 Chile MF Marcelo Roa
11 Chile FW Patricio Morales
12 Chile GK René Díaz
No. Position Player
13 Chile FW Felipe Arancibia
14 Chile MF Cristopher Reyes
15 Chile MF Jorge Muñoz
16 Chile FW Justo Macaya
18 Chile MF Bryan Bobadilla
19 Chile DF Sebastian Pineda
20 Chile MF Cristian Pardo
21 Chile MF Mauro Silva
22 Chile DF Cristobal Meza
23 Chile DF Marcos Muñoz
25 Chile GK Roberto Castro

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Torneo Nacional[edit]


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