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Further information: Fernbank Science Center
Dr. Ralph L. Buice, Jr. Observatory
Radio dish and dome for the optical telescope.
Organization Fernbank Science Center
Location Decatur, Georgia
Coordinates 33°46′44″N 84°19′5″W / 33.77889°N 84.31806°W / 33.77889; -84.31806
Altitude 323 meters (1,060 ft)
Fernbank Observatory
unnamed telescope 0.9 m reflector
radio telescope 3.0 m parabolic dish

Dr. Ralph L. Buice, Jr. Observatory is an astronomical observatory owned and operated by the Fernbank Science Center. It is located between Decatur and Atlanta, Georgia (USA). The observatory owns a 0.9 m (35 in) Cassegrain telescope housed beneath a 10 m (33 ft) dome.

0.9 meter Cassegrain

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