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Ferrara Fire Apparatus,Inc
Founded 1979
Founder Chris Ferrara
Headquarters Holden, Louisiana, USA
Products emergency services vehicles
Website http://www.ferrarafire.com/

Ferrara Fire Apparatus, Inc. is a American manufacturer of emergency service equipment, based in Holden, Louisiana, founded by Chris Ferrara.

Ferrara's manufacturing facility is nearly 300,000 square feet, and was built by Firmin Construction Corporation.

Trucks are in service in places as diverse as Mexico City, New York City, Saudi Arabia, and China[citation needed].


A Ferrara Quint.

Ferrara manufactures a wide variety of fire apparatus including pumpers, rescues, aerial ladders, tankers, brush trucks, and various other models. As of 2012, Ferrara has built more than 5,000 vehicles.

Truck Cab Manufacturers, located in Cincinnati, provides the cabs for the Inferno, Igniter, Ultra, and Cinder models, where the cab is sent to the Ferrara plant in Holden to be painted, trimmed, and interior furnished. From there the cabs are installed onto a frame assembled by Ferrara, where the pump and body are installed, thereafter. HME, Incorporated provides the cab and chassis for the Ember and Intruder 2 models. Vehicles equipped with aerials are provided by Smeal Fire Apparatus Co., located in Snyder, Nebraska.

A model unique to Ferrara is the strong arm, [2] which consists of a chassis similar to that of a ladder truck, but instead of a ladder on top, there is a versatile hydraulic arm, which can be used for rescues, forcible entry, foam application, ventilation, etc.

Custom Chassis[edit]

  • Inferno [1]
  • Igniter
  • Ultra
  • Ember
  • Intruder 2
  • Cinder

Aerial Ladders[edit]

  • HD-57
  • HD-77
  • HD-107
  • HD-127
  • HD-100 Mid Mount
  • SHD-100
  • LP-102
Wayne Township Fire Department - Indianapolis, Indiana

Aerial Ladders[edit]

  • HD-85 Mid Mount Platform
  • HD-100 Mid Mount Platform
  • HD-85 Rear Mount Platform
  • HD-100 Rear Mount Platform


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