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An older passenger train bearing the livery of UEPFP, the corporate name of Ferrobaires

Ferrobaires is the commercial name of a public railway company which operates extensive long-distance passenger trains throughout Buenos Aires Province in Argentina. Its official corporate name is Unidad Ejecutora del Plan Ferroviario Provincial (UEPFP), or Executive Unit of the Provincial Railway Plan in English. The company is primarily owned and funded by the Buenos Aires provincial government. The name "Ferrobaires" is a combination of the Spanish words for "Rail Buenos Aires."

From its base in the city of Buenos Aires, Ferrobaires rail lines fan out south and west across the surrounding province. The company transports approximately 1.5 million passengers annually and operates from all three major rail termini in the city of Buenos Aires: Retiro, Constitución, and Once.

All of the routes currently managed by Ferrobaires were previously run by Ferrocarriles Argentinos, the country's now-defunct national passenger railway corporation. After the privatisation of Ferrocarriles Argentinos starting in 1992, many train services across Argentina were indefinitely discontinued. However, Ferrobaires has successfully resurrected many of these services within the province of Buenos Aires since 2001.

In early 2006, the national Ministry of Planning considered taking control of the company to arrange its reprivatization, but the provincial government of Felipe Solá refused to allow this to happen, arguing that under provincial state control the company was working very efficiently and with low fares .

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