C.D. Sonsonate

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C.D. Sonosonate
Full name Club Deportivo Sonsonate
Founded 1948
Ground Estadio Anna Mercedes Campos
Ground Capacity 8,000
Manager Uruguay Rubén Alonso
League Tercera Division

Club Deportivo Sonsonate is a Salvadoran professional football club based in Sonsonate, El Salvador.


C.D. Sonsonate[edit]

Founded in 1948, the club was known as C.D. Sonsonate, also playing in the town of Sonsonate, They are the most used named by the club. Despite several names changes the club always follows the lineage of titles anf history back to the Sonsonate name. The club currently competes in the Terecea Division since 2012 season.


The team competed for many years in the Salvadoran Sports Commission national week football tournament. In 1943, Ferrocarril won the Occidental Zone of El Salvador, and played in the final round with Central Zone winners Quequeisque and Oriental Zone winners C.D. Luis Ángel Firpo. They finished second in the group, runners-up to Quequeisque.[1] Ferrocarril did not return to the first division of El Salvador after failing to enter the 1951-52 league. They later renamed themselves as Leones.


Leones arrived to the national league in the 1951-52 season, simply since the Salvadoran Football Federation had no institutionalised relegation rules. In their first year, Leones finished runners-up to C.D. FAS. After five years in the league, they were relegated to the second division in the 1955-56 season. They returned to the first division in 1958, not before being relegated again in the 1960-61 season.[2] Leones failed to be promoted for a third time. They were renamed C.D. Sonsonate in 1967.


Founded in 2008, the club was known as C.D. ALba-Acajutla, also playing in the town of Sonsonate, However poor attendance and financial struggle th team sold their spot in the second division and reverted to their original for [3]


Their home ground is the Estadio Cepa in Acajutla, which can hold 3,000. When in Sonsonate, they played all their home games at the Estadio Anna Mercedes Campos which has a capacity of 8,000 people. Prior to the that the club played all their home games at the Estadio Municipal de Izalco.

Colors and Nicknames[edit]

Kits, Colours and Designs[edit]

Sonsonate wore the Green and white striped jersey since their establishment. Various name changes has brought about different colored jerseys. In 2008, after the club relocated from Sonsonate to Acatulja, the club changed their colours to rad and white, However after the club moved back to sonsonate they reverted to green and white.

1948-2007, 2012-


  • Los Tiburones (the Sharks)

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