Ferrocarril Argentino del Norte

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The Ferrocarril Argentino del Norte (FCAN) (in English: North Argentine Railway) was a state-owned railway company which built a 1,000 mm (3 ft 3 38 in) metre gauge (metre gauge) railway network in the Argentine provinces of Catamarca and Córdoba which was later merged with the state-owned Ferrocarril Central Norte in 1909.

On 8 June 1889 a line between Chumbicha and Catamarca in Catamarca Province was opened by the state-owned company Ferrocarril Chumbicha a Catamarca and a section was completed between Deán Funes and Paso Viejo on 29 March 1890 by the state-owned Ferrocarril Deán Funes a Chilecito. The later line was extended to Patquia and La Rioja in 1897. On 1 January 1898 these two railway companies were renamed FCAN and on 23 June of the same year the section from Patquia to Chilecito was opened.

The section from Chumbicha to La Rioja was opened on 1907 and on 11 October 1909, following the creation of the Administration General de los Ferrocarriles del Estado (in English: General Administration of State Railways), the FCAN was merged with the Ferrocarril Central Norte.