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Ferrocarril General Roca (FCCR), named after the former Argentine president Julio Argentino Roca, was one of the six state-owned Argentine railway companies formed after President Juan Perón's nationalisation of the railway network in 1948. The six companies were managed by Ferrocarriles Argentinos which was later broken up during the process of railway privatisation beginning in 1991 during Carlos Menem's presidency.

FCCR incorporated the British-owned Buenos Aires Great Southern Railway, the southern section of the French-owned Ferrocarril Rosario y Puerto Belgrano and Ferrocarriles del Estado, including the Central Chubut Railway which had been nationalised in 1920 and Ferrocarriles Patagónicos.

The principal lines departed from Estación Constitución in Buenos Aires to the south through the provinces of Buenos Aires, La Pampa, Neuquén and Río Negro.

Track gauge 5 ft 6 in (1,676 mm) Broad gauge

In 2011, the Mar del Plata railway and bus station was inaugurated.[1] During the ceremony it was announded that the terminus was able to operate 11 trains services per day.[2] The train section cost $ 117,4 million.[3]

Likewise, train units made by Spanish company Talgo were also featured in the inauguration. A total of two trains (consisting in 1 diesel locomotive and 9 coaches) were acquired by the Government of Argentina. The Talgo units had a capacity of 214 passengers, all of them provided with air conditioning and TV. Time estimated for the journey was 5 and a half hour.[4]

Nevertheless, in 2012 the Talgo trains were retired from service. The Government alleged that trains maintenance and service costs were too expensive.[5] Ministry of Transport said the contract with Talgo had been revoked. A total of 6 trains had been purchased although only two of them were running.[6]

In 2014, trains by Chinese company CSR were acquired by the National Government to run luxury services to Mar del Plata. The first CSR unit arrived to Mar del Plata station in November 2014.[7] Those trains have a capacity for 565 passengers. Each unit have 12 coaches (with five first class travel, four pullman, 1 restaurant, among them).[8][9]


Companies operating long distance trains on Ferrocarril Roca tracks since its creation in 1948, have been the following:

Company Period
Ferrocarriles Argentinos 1948-1993
Ferrobaires [a] 1993-present
Trenes Argentinos [b] 2014-present

Suburban branch[edit]

In the metropolitan sector of the City of Buenos Aires the Línea Roca operates from the city-centre terminus of Estación Constitución south to Alejandro Korn, Cañuelas, and La Plata, and west to Haedo.


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