Ferrocarril de San Cristóbal a Tucumán

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The Ferrocarril San Cristóbal a Tucumán (FCSCT) (in English: San Cristobal to Tucuman Railway) was a French-owned railway company founded in 1888 which built a 1,000 mm (3 ft 3 38 in) metre gauge railway from San Cristóbal to Tucumán in Argentina and was taken over by the state-owned Ferrocarril Central Norte in 1896.

The section from San Cristóbal in Santa Fe Province to Fortin Inca, just over the border in Santiago del Estero Province, was opened on 27 April 1891. From there construction continued across the province and into neighbouring Tucumán Province where Tucumán, the provincial capital, was reached on 6 July 1892. A 13 km branch line from Colombres to Guzman and another from Pacará to Rio Salí were opened later the same year.

In 1896 the company was bought by the state and became part of Ferrocarril Central Norte.