Festival of Industry, Trade and Culture (Itagüí)

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Festival of Industry, Trade and Culture (Itagüí)
Festival of Industry, Trade and Culture (Itagui).jpg
Launched August 11, 1989
Owned by Alcaldia de Itagüí
Picture format 480i (SDTV)
1080i (HDTV)
Country Colombia
Language Español
Headquarters Itagüí

The Festival of Industry, Trade and Culture[1] is an annual eight-day social and cultural festival held in Itagüi, Colombia. It showcases various types of music, photography, painting, dancing and theatre.


In the mid-late 1980s, the Itagüi administration created a festival to represent its culture and trading traditions. Beginning in 1984, the city celebrated the World Day of Laziness (festival), which was accepted by both local and national communities. The success of the celebration encouraged city officials to create an eight-day "Festival of Industry, Trade and Culture" in 1989. This concluded with the 'World Day of Laziness Festival'.

The most recent celebrations of the festival took place in 2012.

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