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The Sibiu International Theatre Festival (Romanian: Festivalul Internațional de Teatru de la Sibiu) is the most important annual festival of performing arts in Romania. The programme brings participants from 70 countries into Sibiu, and it has 350 events taking place in 66 areas, and caters for 62,000[1] spectators day for a total of approximately 600,000 spectators.[2] The festival lasts for ten days, and is attended by famous groups in the performing arts, Romanian and foreign filmmakers, critics, local and foreign cultural tourism operators. Tens of thousands of people from the town itself, the local region and abroad meet in Sibiu to celebrate a cultural event aimed at promoting globally recognised standards over its ten days of performances and artistic creativity.


The festival unofficially its first edition in 1993 under the guidance of the initiative and guidance of the romanian actor Constantin Chiriac and with the support of various other actors and from foreign actors and acting professors from internationally acclaimed theater schools. Although the first edition of the festival was unprepared financially, the performances of the guests ensured the festival's continuity.

The first official edition took place in 1994 and the number of participating countries increased, now having participants from 8 countries. The number of spectators also increased.

The year 2007 marks an exceptional year for the festival, when Sibiu became the Cultural Capital of Europe along with Luxembourg. This edition brought to Sibiu more than 2,500 guests from 70 countries.

From 2008 to 2013 the festival defined its maturity, becoming one of the most important places of theater and performing arts excellence.[3]


From 1995 onward, each edition of the festival is held under a slogan:

  • 1995 - Tolerance
  • 1996 - Violence
  • 1997 - Cultural Identity
  • 1998 - Links
  • 1999 - Creativity
  • 2000 - Alternative
  • 2001 - Challenges
  • 2002 - Bridges
  • 2003 - Tomorrow
  • 2004 - Legacies
  • 2005 - Signs
  • 2006 - Together ?!
  • 2007 - Next
  • 2008 - Energy
  • 2009 - Innovations
  • 2010 - Questions
  • 2011 - Community
  • 2012 - Crisis. Culture makes a difference
  • 2013 - Dialogue

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