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Fiat Albea
2005 Fiat Albea (post-facelift)
Manufacturer Fiat
Also called Fiat Siena (China)
Production 2002–2012 (Turkey)
2002–2006 (China)
Assembly Bursa, Turkey (Tofaş)
Naberezhnye Chelny, Russia (Sollers)[1]
Nanjing, China (Nanjing Fiat)
Designer Giorgetto Giugiaro
Body and chassis
Class Supermini
Body style 4-door sedan
Layout Front-engine, front-wheel-drive
Related Fiat Palio
Fiat Siena
Fiat Strada
Fiat Perla
Zotye Z200
Engine 1.2 L Fire I4 (petrol)
1.4 L Fire I4 (petrol)
1.6 L Sevel I4 (petrol)
1.3 L MultiJet I4 (diesel)
Transmission 5-speed manual
5-speed semi-automatic (Speedgear)[2]
Wheelbase 2,439 mm (96.0 in)[3]
Length 4,210 mm (165.7 in) (2002–2005)[4]
4,186 mm (164.8 in) (2005–2012)[5]
Width 1,703 mm (67.0 in)
Height 1,489 mm (58.6 in)
Curb weight 1,045 kg (2,304 lb)
Predecessor Fiat Siena

The Fiat Albea is a supermini car produced by the Italian manufacturer Fiat between 2002 and 2012, at the Tofaş facilities in Turkey. It is the European version of the global Fiat Siena, the sedan car derived from the Fiat Palio supermini. It is a low cost sedan, aimed at developing countries markets, and was not available in Western Europe.

It was also produced in China, where it retained the Fiat Siena nameplate and had two derivated versions, the Fiat Perla and currently the Zotye Z200.


2002 Fiat Albea
2005 Fiat Albea

The Albea was designed by the Italian designer Giorgetto Giugiaro. It has a similar design with its South American equivalent, the Siena, but with a longer wheelbase.[6] The extension is visible in a somewhat extended segment between the trailing edge of the rear doors and the rear wheelhouse.

A facelifted version has been available since February 2005, two months before the Palio underwent a similar restyling.[7] This version has a new front end, no bumper moldings, and a round "Fiat" badge in the top center of the trunklid.[8]

From 2006 to 2011, the Albea was assembled from complete knock down kits in Russia, in Naberezhnye Chelny, at the Sollers plant. Production in Turkey ended in 2012, ending altogether production of the European version of the Palio.[9]


Sales of the Albea have been slow over the past three years,[citation needed][clarification needed] due to the fact that the Albea is only sold in a few Eastern and Western European markets. In 2005 sales totaled 4,000 units and in 2006 sales totaled 3,500 units.[citation needed] In 2006, production in Russia began, at the Sollers plant.

The car gradually became mainly used as a taxi in Turkey, where the "Albea Sole" version was introduced in 2007 specifically for use as a private passenger car. Turkish production came to an end in 2012.


Engine Type Displacement Power Torque
1.2 8V SOHC I4 1,242 cc 60 PS (44 kW; 59 hp) at 5,000 rpm 102 N·m (75 lb·ft) at 2,500 rpm
1.2 16V DOHC I4 1,242 cc 80 PS (59 kW; 79 hp) at 5,000 rpm 114 N·m (84 lb·ft) at 4,000 rpm
1.4 8V SOHC I4 1,368 cc 77 PS (57 kW; 76 hp) at 6,000 rpm 115 N·m (85 lb·ft) at 3,000 rpm
1.6 16V DOHC I4 1,596 cc 103 PS (76 kW; 102 hp) at 5,750 rpm 145 N·m (107 lb·ft) at 4,000 rpm
1.3 16V MultiJet I4 1,248 cc 70 PS (51 kW; 69 hp) at 4,000 rpm 145 N·m (107 lb·ft) at 1,500 rpm

Safety rating[edit]

The Albea was tested by the Russian magazine Autoreview, according to the EuroNCAP latest regulations. It scored 8.5 points in the frontal crash test, equivalent to three stars in the EuroNCAP testings. The tested vehicle was equipped with standard driver airbag and regular seatbelts.[10]

The Fiat Perla, a Chinese version of the Albea, was tested in China by the China-NCap in three different tests: a 100% front crash test with a wall (similar to the US NTHSA test), a 40% offset test (similar to the EuroNCAP test) and a side crash test similar to the EuroNCAP.

The Perla scored 8.06 points in the 100% frontal crash test, equivalent to three stars, 12.02 points in the 40% offset crash test, equivalent to four stars, and 10,96 points in the side crash test, equivalent to three stars, with an average result of 31 points and three stars. The tested vehicle was equipped with standard driver and passenger airbag and regular seatbelts.[11]

Nameplate use[edit]

In Mexico, the 2009 model of the Fiat Siena has been marketed as the Fiat Albea, replacing the Palio Sedán nameplate used on the previous series of the car.[12]


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