Fibrous capsule of Glisson

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Glisson's capsule
Latin Capsula fibrosa perivascularis
Gray's p.1157
Anatomical terminology

Glisson's capsule or Glisson's sheath is a collagenous capsule covering the external surface of the liver. It consists of type III collagen and extends to the stroma of endothelial sinusoids. Right upper abdominal discomfort (location of liver) occurs in many liver diseases and this pain arises from stretching or irritation of Glisson's capsule, which is rich in nerve endings.[1]

It is covered by a single layer of mesothelial cells. A capsule for fibrous cells or tissues, as that surrounding the kidney and thyroid.

It is named for Francis Glisson.[2]

It can swell if a woman is suffering from pre-eclampsia, causing right upper quadrant pain.


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