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Source of the Fichtelnaab
Location Bayreuth district, Tirschenreuth district
Reference no. DE: 1412
Length 41.95 km
Source on the southeastern slopes of the Ochsenkopf
50°01′31″N 11°50′01″E / 50.02528°N 11.83361°E / 50.02528; 11.83361Coordinates: 50°01′31″N 11°50′01″E / 50.02528°N 11.83361°E / 50.02528; 11.83361
Source height ca. 865 m
Mouth near Windischeschenbach into the Waldnaab
49°48′30″N 12°09′44″E / 49.80833°N 12.16222°E / 49.80833; 12.16222
Mouth height 423 m
Descent ca. 442 m
Basin Danube
Progression Waldnaab → Naab → Danube → Black Sea
Left tributaries Gregnitz

The Fichtelnaab is a right-hand, western headstream of the River Naab in Upper Franconia and the Upper Palatinate. It rises in the Fichtelgebirge and flows into the Waldnaab near Windischeschenbach.


The source of the Fichtelnaab is located on the southeastern slope of the Ochsenkopf (1,024 m above sea level) northwest of Fichtelberg and west of the Fichtelsee (10.5 hectares and 752 m above NN). From there it flows southeast through the villages of Fichtelberg and Mehlmeisel in the district of Tirschenreuth. From there the Fichtelnaab passes through Brand, Ebnath, Neusorg and Erbendorf to Windischeschenbach, where it joins the Waldnaab.


  • Moosbach (right)
  • Kratzebach (left)
  • Fallbach (right)
  • Geisbach (right)
  • Fuhrbach (left)
  • Saugrabenbach (right)
  • Gregnitz (left)
  • Goldbach (right)
  • Witzelbach (right)
  • Höllbach (left)
  • Felberger Bach (right)
  • Forellenbach (left)
  • Tiefenbach (right)
  • Galgenbach (right)
  • Steinbach (right)
  • Heinbach (left)


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