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The Fields Institute

The Fields Institute is an international centre for research in mathematical sciences at the University of Toronto. The institute is named for University of Toronto mathematician John Charles Fields, founder of the Fields Medal. It was established in 1992, and was briefly based at the University of Waterloo before relocating to Toronto in 1995.

As a centre for mathematical activity, the institute brings together mathematicians from Canada and abroad. It also supports the collaboration between professional mathematicians and researchers in other domains, such as statistics, computer science, engineering, physical and biological sciences, medicine, economics and finance, telecommunications and information systems. It also holds monthly meetings on mathematics education, attended by participants from secondary school boards, university mathematics departments and the private sector.

The institute occupies a building at the university that was specially conceived and constructed for its activities, designed by Kuwabara Payne McKenna Blumberg Architects. It accommodates up to 66 visitors and their support staff, providing office spaces and full access to the mathematics collection of the University of Toronto Libraries.

The Fields Institute Monographs (FIM) features the research work of the institute, and is jointly published with the American Mathematical Society.[1]

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