Fiend (song)

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Single by Coal Chamber
from the album Dark Days
Released 2002
Format CD
Genre Nu metal, alternative metal, industrial metal
Length 3:01
Label Roadrunner
Coal Chamber singles chronology
"Shock the Monkey"

"Fiend" is a song by Coal Chamber, from their third and final album, Dark Days.[1] It is one of the bands most well known songs and is thought to be about how the band and other bands and the nu metal genre were getting heavily criticized at the time.

Track listing[edit]

  1. "Fiend" - 3:01

Music video[edit]

Fafara and Rascon drive to a suburban house, where two children are playing outside, their mother, horrified, runs out and ushers them back inside, Fafara and Rascon then walk to the house's garage where Nadja and Cox are waiting, then they perform the song while an increasing crowd of teenagers listens outside.[2]


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