Fierté Montréal

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Not to be confused with Parti Fierté Montréal.
Fierté Montréal
Genre Electronic music,
Location(s) Montreal
Attendance 300,000

Fierté Montréal aka in English as Montréal Pride is an LGBT multidisciplinary arts and music festival taking place each year in the heart of Montreal. It is the largest LGBT event in Montreal. It is held on seven consecutive days (Monday to Sunday) usually in mid-August of each year.

An avant-garde event in the heart of downtown Montreal and in Montreal's Gay Village area, it is open to all audiences, gay and heterosexual.

A major event of Fierté Montréal includes the annual defilé (Montreal Pride Parade) on the major René Lévesque Boulevard in Montreal. It is open to all gay and gay-friendly associations and institutions and attracts a big number of participants from various institutions and is attended by the biggest crossection of Montrealers and international tourists. Around 300,000 took part in various Fierté Montréal events in 2011.

Programming is diverse and includes theatre, art exhibitions, live concerts, variety shows, concerts, club events and a grand parade. It also features La journée communautaire (in English "Community Day") in which many LGBT associations and enterprises organize events and displays to present their activities to the general public.

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