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Interior of a Cottar's House at the Fife Folk Museum

The Fife Folk Museum is a museum of local life located in the village of Ceres, Fife, Scotland. This award winning[citation needed] museum (most recently the Glenfiddich and Kintore awards) looks at the most important aspect of life in the Kingdom of Fife - its people. Spanning two centuries, the collection comprises objects, fine art, documents and costumes illustrating the working and social lives of the people of Fife.

The museum is centrally located within the small historic burgh of Ceres.

Displays cover the life and work of local people in the past. Exhibits show local trades, crafts, reconstructions of traditional rural cottage interiors and costumes dating from the 18th century.

The Museum shop offers a range of gifts and publications. It focuses on local crafts and skills, with work by local artists.

A large number of visitors come year on year. The museum is introducing a programme of exhibitions in its modern museum extension.

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