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Fight Back! News is a news website and bi-monthly publication founded in 1998 and based in the United States. It publishes articles and commentary on a variety of topics, including the antiwar movement, the labor movement, the African-American movement, the Chicano movement, and others. It has a left-wing editorial stance, and commonly features authors and commentators that are thought to be close to the Freedom Road Socialist Organization but this is not an absolute rule.

Editorial stance and "Where We Stand"[edit]

As the website's "About Us" section states,


Fight Back!'s website began in 1999. It was initially contained on Freedom Road Socialist Organization's website, and was soon after moved to its own website, Fight Back! News website initially functioned as an online version of exactly what appeared in the print version of the newspaper. Around 2005, the website began to be more frequently updated, and also to carry some articles that do not appear in the print version of the newspaper. As of 2013, the website generally had new articles and content daily. The newspaper began to feature more analyses and commentaries on current events, and in 2012, Fight Back! News began carrying movie reviews.[2]


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