Fight on, Pennsylvania!

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This article is about the University of Pennsylvania fight song. For the fight song of the University of California, see Fight On. For the fight song of the Pennsylvania State University, see Fight On, State.

"Fight on, Pennsylvania!" is the University of Pennsylvania's primary fight song. The song's lyrics were written by Ben S. McGiveran (Class of 1923) during his sophomore year.[1] The music was composed by David Zoob (also Class of 1923 and Penn Law class of 1927). The copyright was held by the Houston Club. (However, the Houston Club was deemed unnecessary and replaced by a separate entity in 1929—the Houston Hall Board. Thus, the song appears to be in the public domain.[2] The name Houston Club is still used as nickname for the student union.[3]) The chorus of Fight on, Pennsylvania! is played by The University of Pennsylvania Band every time the Pennsylvania football team scores. The lyrics are also sung.


The lyrics are as follows, though it is usual for only the chorus to be played or sung:

O'er Pennsylvania's walls,
With ivy overgrown,
Our thoughts will ever linger,
The tend'rest we have known.
We offer heart and soul
And give our all in praise;
When men of Penn are fighting,
This song to them we'll raise.


Fight on! Pennsylvania!
Put the ball across the line,
Fight! you Pennsylvanians,
There it goes across this time.
Red and Blue, we're with you,
And we're cheering for your men;
Then Fight! Fight! Fight! Pennsylvania,
Fight on for PENN![4]


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