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Fightback and La Riposte are the English and French language publications of the Canadian section of the International Marxist Tendency (IMT), a global Trotskyist organisation. Supporters of the magazines are active within the New Democratic Party.[1] In Quebec, where the NDP is not active provincially, IMT Quebec, is a recognised collective of Québec solidaire. In English Canada the tendency is organized around the journal Fightback; in Quebec, the organization publishes and sells La Riposte.

The IMT follows in the organizational tradition of Ted Grant, founder of the Militant tendency in Britain[2] which practised Entryism inside the British Labour Party in the 1970s and 80s.[3]


Fightback and La Riposte campaign for the adoption by the New Democratic Party of a comprehensive socialist platform, arguing for the need to nationalise the major industries and banks that control the Canadian economy.[4]

The IMT stand for a socialist Quebec voluntarily united with a socialist Canada in a Pan-American federation as the only solution to the Quebec national question. The newspaper defends the democratic right of the Quebec people to self-determination up to and including independence, but argues that independence under capitalism would be detrimental to the working class in both Quebec and the rest of Canada.[5][6] Leading IMT theorists Ted Grant and Alan Woods have defended this position, claiming it is based on Vladimir Lenin's approach the national question in Russia.[7] The Spartacist League has criticized this, arguing that it is a distortion of Lenin's position and that Quebec independence would further the goal of socialism by removing national antagonisms amongst the working class.[1]

Fightback has repeatedly criticized the political model of the Soviet Union and agrees with Leon Trotsky's analysis that it was a degenerated workers' state and that the "Stalinist bureaucracy" were a counter-revolutionary force that only came to power by purging the Old Bolsheviks who led the October Revolution.[8]


The frontpage of an issue of Fightback, dated May 2009

The IMT in Canada started publishing L'Humanité in 1999 as its English language publication. In 2004, the name was changed to Fightback. In 2009, the IMT in Quebec started publishing La Riposte.[9]

The IMT is involved in the campaign to defend the Bolivarian Revolution against United States intervention (the Hands Off Venezuela campaign).[10]

The organization has a 13 point program of demands.[11][12]


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