Fighter's Player Pack

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Fighter's Player Pack
Genre Role-playing games
Publisher TSR

Fighter's Player Pack is an accessory for the 2nd edition of the Advanced Dungeons & Dragons fantasy role-playing game.


The Fighter's Player Pack is an AD&D game accessory which comes in a case with everything a newcomer needs to get his fighter PC ready for a campaign: a pad of character sheets, a stand-up reference screen, a brief but informative player's guide, seven polyhedral dice, three pewter miniatures, and a shiny red pencil. The case is designed so that a copy of the Player's Handbook can fit snugly inside the lid.[1]

Publication history[edit]

Fighter's Player Pack was designed by William W. Connors, and published by TSR, Inc.[1]


Rick Swan reviewed Fighter's Player Pack for Dragon magazine #214 (February 1995).[1] He commented that: "One of the joys of any hobby is collecting all the junk that goes with it. These AD&D game accessories [...] are a pack rat's dream come true."[1] Swan concludes by saying: "Though recommended for ages 10 to adult, the Player Packs tilt toward the younger end of that scale—I can't imagine a 40-year-old hauling around a plastic briefcase. But if you're trying to lure a reluctant youngster into your campaign, you couldn't ask for better bait."[1]


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