Figure Eight Island

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Figure Eight Island
Figure Eight Island.jpg
Figure Eight Island, North Carolina
Location Harnett Township, New Hanover County, North Carolina
Coordinates 34°16′12″N 77°45′0″W / 34.27000°N 77.75000°W / 34.27000; -77.75000
Total islands 1
Area 1,300 acres (530 ha).[1]
United States of America
Population 441 households

Figure Eight Island is an island in North Carolina, just north of Wrightsville Beach, with approximately 441 homes. It is surrounded by the Intracoastal Waterway and the Atlantic Ocean. It is a private island and that can only be reached via a guarded causeway bridge. It has been a popular destination for celebrities and politicians including former Vice President Al Gore,[1] who has rented a house there, Teresa Cole and John Edwards,[2] who owns a house on the island.

Early Development[edit]

Initial development of the island was done by Young Smith, an attorney from Hickory, NC who had earlier begun a much smaller development at Litchfield Beach, SC. The Figure Eight development was begun in the very early 1970's by his Figure Eight Island Company, then headquartered in Raleigh. Smith was then the husband of the grand niece of the late Julian Price, a wealthy North Carolina insurance executive. His son, who carried on his business, left only his niece and her brother as heirs. Much of her fortune was invested in this project.


Figure Eight Island is located just north of Wrightsville Beach. The island has an area of 1,300 acres,[1] most of the area is marshland (see below image). The island is home to a historic boathouse, one of the first structures constructed in the 1960s.

Image of Figure Eights marshland from the beach side of the island


Because of its private nature, Figure Eight Island is an ideal place for wild life conservation.[citation needed] The homeowners' association takes advantage of this and is active in conservation. Sea turtles are monitored on a daily basis and marked off for their protection. In 2001 and 2002, the homeowners' association commissioned a survey of endangered plants and animals on the island, some of the animals of special interest were piping plovers, sea turtles, sea beach amaranth, and marine mammals.[3]


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Coordinates: 34°16′12″N 77°45′0″W / 34.27000°N 77.75000°W / 34.27000; -77.75000